Told in rhyme and illustrations, the Rescue Ranch Book Series is a Collection of Animal Adventures that take place on a fictional farm. It’s a place where Farm Animals and Rescued Zoo Animals join forces to fend off the Wild Animals that cause trouble on the farm.

Jimmy the Giraffe

Is there something about yourself that you’d like to change? Most of us would like to change something about ourselves sometimes.

In his book Jimmy the Giraffe, author Mark Albini tells Jimmy’s story. On his way to school one day, he stops at a farm for a bale of hay with his friend Howie the Horse. He begins to think he’d rather be a horse. At least that way he wouldn’t have his really long neck. And that would be fine with him. But Bobo the Mouse tells him life on a farm is not as fun as it seems.

Told in rhyme and illustrations, Jimmy the Giraffe shows readers the grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s best to be yourself.


Ricky and Bobo

It all started when Ricky the rabbit snuck out of the house with his friend Bobo the mouse. They went foraging for food. What they thought would be a simple search turned into quite a journey.

First, the two friends encountered a swarm of buzzing bees. They had some scary moments in the forest. And, Ricky and Bobo ran into some big trouble in the water when they tried to return home. Ricky prayed hard that his friend would be saved.

A rhyming picture book for children, Ricky and Bobo narrates a heartwarming adventure of two animals who live at the Rescue Ranch, a peaceful place where animals roam in wide open space and have plenty to eat. The tale offers an important lesson for all.


Terry and Freddie

Against his mother’s wishes, Freddie the fish plays hooky from school to race against Terry the Turtle. All of their friends have gathered at the pond to watch the contest, including Jimmy the Giraffe, Howie the Horse, and Bobo the Mouse.

Freddie is certain he’ll win. But the race doesn’t turn out as planned when an uninvited guest makes an appearance. Some quick thinking by Terry saves the day.

The third book in the series, Terry and Freddie narrates a heartwarming, rhyming story of two animals who live at the Rescue Ranch, a peaceful place where animals roam in wide open space and take care of one another. The tale offers important lessons for all: moms have rules for a reason, and there are consequences when you don’t listen to your parents.


Sammy the Snake

Sammy the snake is hungry. He missed snagging Freddy the fish who is playing hooky from school. Sammy needs to find something to eat, and he slithers down to the lake to search for food. He senses success when he spots Phillip the frog.

But things don’t go his way. First, Terry the turtle comes along to warn the frog. And then, Gary the gator makes an appearance. Sammy panics and flees, leaving him no choice but to eat leftovers from his refrigerator.

In this fourth story in a series, Sammy learns things can go very wrong if you don’t have a plan or use all your skills. A rhyming picture book for children, Sammy the Snake offers a reminder that some days turn out better when you just stay home.


Book #5 Phillip the Frog To Be Published
Book #6 Henry the Hog To be Published
Book #7 Lucy the Lion To be Published
Book #8 Big Ben the Bear To Be Published
Book#9 Billy the Bobcat & Rocky Raccoon TBP
Book #10 Freddie & Eddie To be Published

Book #11 Grant the Grizzly To be Published
Book #12 Daisey the Deer To be Published
Book #13 Darla the Doe To be Published
Book #14 Tommy the Tiger To be Published
Book #15 Sugar Shane & the Twins TBP
Book #16 Scottie & Mitch To be Published

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